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Baking soda tips - Baking soda will soothe irritated Itchy skin

Baking soda will soothe irritated Itchy skin

Do you often suffer with irritated itchy skin? Here is a tip to soothe irritated itchy skin with baking soda. Baking Soda can soothe the sting of sunburn, windburn and other minor burns.

All you need to do is saturate a washcloth in a baking Soda solution or 4 tablespoons in 1 quart of water. Apply to the affected area.

Or you can make a baking Soda paste with 3 parts baking Soda and 1 part water and apply to the area.

You will find that the water evaporates and leaves a crusty shell of baking soda on your skin. By the time that you have watched this happen you will have forgotten about the discomfort to your skin.

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