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Baking soda tips - Tenants’ insurance… Just in Case Baking Soda Fails

Tenants’ insurance… Just in Case Baking Soda Fails

We know that baking soda is a great way to get things clean, but some damage is irreversible. So if you are renting a property you need to make sure that you have cover just in case your property is damaged or stolen. Baking soda may be a wonder substance, but it certainly can’t patch up fire damage, or bring back stolen goods.

Tenants’ insurance covers you for a number of eventualities, including fire, theft, damage, and flooding. You may not think that you have many personal belongings, but they soon add up, especially if you have a laptop, iPod, television and any white goods. Without tenants’ insurance you could be left to foot the bill for the entirety of the damage to your property.

By comparing tenants’ insurance your cover needn’t cost you the earth, and if anything does go wrong you will be able to claim on your insurance. But make sure you read the small print. Some policies may be cheaper than others, but they may not offer adequate cover for your belongings. Always, with any type of insurance, read the small print. You need to know exactly what will be covered by your policy in every eventuality.

Whether your oven is in bits after a fire or your flat has been broken into, baking soda can’t help but tenants’ insurance can. Baking soda is a great way to clean up any damage but it won’t bring your things back. You may love baking soda, but you need tenants’ insurance just in case.

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