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Baking soda tips - Use Baking Soda as a Fire Extinguisher

Use Baking Soda as a Fire Extinguisher

Baking soda is great as a fire extinguisher for electrical fires and grease fires. When Baking Soda is heated it releases carbon dioxide and produces water. Since carbon dioxide is heavier than air and does not support combustion like oxygen does, it smothers the fire while the water that is formed cools the fire to below the ignition temperature.

So it is a great idea to have a tub of baking soda in the, garage, workshop, trunk of your car or anywhere that you could be at risk of fire.

If you are a model maker, welder or any job where you need to use a naked flame, you would find that extinguishing any small fire with baking soda will not involve your project becoming a soggy mess.

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