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TipKing has been serving the public providing generous tips, ideas and listing proven methods to save money, time, and energy in every aspect of your life from cleaning the house, office and everywhere else in between. Bringing the most up to date information together, TipKing is proud to present the crucial information together in this ebook form of ‘Resourceful & Ingenious Uses of Baking Soda’ for your review and continued use.

Here you will find step-by-step advice for using baking soda in every room of your home for a great clean that deodorizes at the same time. You will find that there are so many tips and ideas for your to use in cleaning your home, that you will be able to save dollars, yes count them, dollars, each week in your house cleaning chores. There are even time saving tips that you can implement that will help you promote a clean home that you can be proud of while fighting the endless battle against dirt, grease, grime and smells.

Reaching in the cupboard, for your box of baking soda, is the first step to a natural fresh clean in your home. The second step, to get you on your way to a deep clean, is reading through this book to get you started on your many uses of baking soda! Don’t forget to print this book off and keep it handy in your kitchen so you can refer back to it often when new cleaning challenges arise in your home.

When you run in to cleaning problems in your home refer back to the Resourceful & Ingenious Uses of Baking Soda to save you time, money and energy in your everyday chores! Happy Cleaning!

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