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Outdoor furniture
If you have outdoor furniture you can wash them down using a gallon of hot water and a cup of baking soda. This mixture will clean while it deodorizes. Adding a cup of lemon juice to your water will also whiten the furniture even more.

Floor mats

For stains on your floor mats rub put a little baking soda on your cloth and rub it directly on the floor mat to get stains out fast.

If you have a greenhouse, washing down the walls with water and baking soda will keep molds and fungus from growing.

Black mold on roses
f you have a rose plant that is infected with a black mold, spray it with a quart of water mixed with a cup of baking soda to prevent molds from spreading.

Oil or gas spill
If you have spilled oil or gas in the garage, you can sprinkle baking soda and salt over the area to absorb the spill, then you can simply sweep it up!

You can clean the bikes using a paste of baking soda and vinegar to get rid of the winter dust and any rust that may have been starting.

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