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Bugs on car paint
Use a gallon of hot water with three cups of baking soda to clean dead bugs off of your windows and the hood of your car. Test this mixture before using on your paint job; sometimes-custom paints or decals could scratch when using baking soda on the car.

You can sprinkle baking soda around in your garden to keep rabbits from eating your lettuce or your cabbage while not harming the rabbits!

Slugs and snails
Using baking soda in your garden, sprinkle on your cabbage will keep slugs or snails from destroying them.

Old cars
If you have a old car outside that you are dreaming of restoring, sprinkle baking soda through out it so you can keep musty and mildew smells out of the leather or vinyl interior.

If you are an avid hunter, wash your clothes with just baking soda for a great clean that will also neutralize human odors so when you are out in the woods the animals will not smell you.

Brushing your boots off with baking soda will get rid of any smells of humans or other household smells when you are going out hunting.

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