What Makes Yale Doors the Best Option If You Require Security?

security locksBuying the right double glazing or double glazed doors for your property can certainly be a trickier task than you might first expect, not least given the need for the very highest level of security.

It helps, then, to choose double glazing doors that are from a well-regarded brand. To this end, you may wish to consider the undeniably wide range of Yale doors that are available on the market.

Yale is one of the most reputable providers of security products in the world, and unsurprisingly also one of the longest established. The company has been responsible for making locks, alarms, composite doors and so many other types of security features for households and businesses all over the world, in more than 125 countries.

More important to you as a present day homeowner, however, will be what Yale can presently provide you with. And you can take a look here to find the best double glazing companies in the UK.

What distinguishes Yale double glazed doors from those of the competition?

double glazed doors handlesOf course, if you are buying double glazed doors that feature the Yale brand, it’s inevitable that you’ll expect a high level of security. And sure enough, irrespective of the exact door that you buy, you can look forward to a Kitemarked Yale cylinder locking system that is incredibly difficult for even the most determined would-be intruder to damage. Insurance companies recognise Yale locks as asset lock cylinders, and indeed, they have been approved to the most exacting PAS024 security standards.

For extra security, three locking points are added, with the top, bottom and centre hooks all being thrown when the handle of the door is lifted. If you spend your time worrying about prospective burglars taking advantage of a door that has been left accidentally unlocked, then you may be interested in a lever-pad handle system. This system ensures that the centre latch is not released with the movement of the outside handle when the door is closed – or at least, not unless the key is in your possession.

What other security features make Yale double glazed doors so essential?

Other potential features on your Yale door include the option of laminated glass, which provides not only security but also safety. It’s available to those that choose Police Approved for their door, and has been specifically designed to avoid shattering when it has been smashed. It stays secure despite cracking, providing you with that vital extra level of security. Another feature of a Yale door that has been given the Police Approved upgrade is a spyhole, which helps you to prioritise safety above all else.

Combined with the high standard of design and manufacture that the very best composite double glazed doors tend to offer, these features mean that you can have confidence in Yale doors catering for your every practical need.

Improved Security For Double Glazed Doors