Replacement Windows: Casement Window Styles Are Increasingly Popular

With a wide range of styles and sizes of replacement windows options available to today’s homeowners, it can be difficult to decide which style is best for your home. While double-hung styles are the most popular, casement windows are quickly gaining ground because they combine beauty with exceptional practicality.

You can find then in almost every size imaginable through your local home remodeling specialist, who can also help you choose the ideal brand and style for your house. Their recent popularity can be attributed to several things:

Superior Energy Efficiency of Modern Replacement Windows

UPVC Replacement Windows in BlackCasement windows are more energy efficient than any other style that can be opened. Because the window sash closes by overlapping a portion of the frame, there is no gap where air can leak through. By using bulb weather stripping, this tight seal is reinforced to prevent drafts and cold spots. In fact, the higher the winds, the tighter the seal because the force of the wind simply forces the window more tightly against the frame. No other style is as airtight, which can mean substantial savings on your heating and cooling costs.

An Uninterrupted View

While some people like the more traditional look of a double hung, which includes a sash that runs through the center of the window to divide it into a top and bottom half, many homeowners prefer the uninterrupted view offered by these styles.

The pane is one long sheet of glass that can give you an improved view while letting more natural light into your home.

Better Ventilation From Casement Windows

When the temperatures soar, consumers like the idea of letting a nice, cool breeze into their homes. They can either open the top or bottom of a double-hung, or they can let more air in and improve circulation by opening casement windows, which open fully from top to bottom.

If you replace older, double-hung styles with this option, you’ll notice the difference the first time you open them. Because they open outwards, they also help funnel breezes into your house, contributing to an airy, comfortable home.

Easy To Open And Close

Casements are particularly popular in areas of your home where double-hung or other styles can be difficult to open. Rather than pushing up a heavy sash with two hands, you can easily close casement windows with a simple, one-handed turn of the crank mechanism. This is particularly convenient over kitchen sinks or in hard-to-reach areas.

Added Security

Conversely, while they are easier to open from the inside, casements are more difficult to break into from the outside. A burglar can easily slide a slim bar down the inside of a double-hung and pop the lock, but the closing and locking mechanisms of casements windows are out of reach from the exterior of the home. Most thieves will give up in frustration or avoid your house altogether rather than try to forcibly open casements.

Today’s casement styles come in several materials, including clad exteriors that give you high style with low maintenance. Go to seeĀ  this UPVC Windows Prices 2020 & Online Cost Guide and you’ll soon be replacing the windows in your house, be sure to consider the beauty and energy efficiency of today’s casement windows.

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