The Energy Efficiency of Your Home Should Be High Up on Your Agenda

Being environmentally friendly is no longer only a concern of hippies and Green Peace activists. The state of the environment is an issue which anyone with half a conscience is now taking seriously.

Energy efficiency rating labels

Many governments around the world have now made climate change and energy efficiency a goal high up on their agenda. But what can you do to improve your carbon footprint.

If you live in an older property and you have not replaced the windows and doors recently the likelihood is that they are single glazed. Single glazing is not energy efficient and lets a lot of the heat generated in a house out. Double glazing on the other hand is far more energy efficient. Double glazing is made by getting two pieces of glass and then sealing them together with a gap in between. It is the gap in between the two panes which is important as it acts as an insulator.

Therefore double glazing helps to make your home more energy efficient. For more information visit site.

UPVC windows and UPVC doors Energy Efficiency

Both are currently very popular and highly energy efficient. They are made using double glazing set in UPVC frames. The great thing about UPVC windows and UPVC doors is that they are very low maintenance. Unlike timber framed windows and doors which require painting every few years UPVC windows and UPVC doors require no such maintenance.

Likewise if you are considering adding a conservatory to your home then UPVC conservatories are highly energy efficient and therefore kinder to the environment.

Loft insulation is also a great way to stop the heat from escaping from your home. It is relatively easy and cheap to install and can lower your gas and electricity bills. If you live in an older property it is likely that the wall insulation is poor. Cavity wall insulation can improve the insulation of your walls considerably.

Cavity wall insulation is not something that you can do yourself however it will pay for itself quickly on the money you save on your gas and electricity bills.

The Energy Efficiency of Your Home