Some Often Asked Questions Regarding UPVC Conservatories

Owners of properties often consider adding UPVC conservatories to their home. This could be because they want more living space, want to give better access to their garden or one of many other reasons.

In this article we look at three of the most often asked questions by property owners regarding UPVC conservatories and in answering them show why homeowners are so taken with having a conservatory extension to their homes.

Which conservatory style is the most energy efficient?

There is no one style of conservatory or sun-room that you can build that is more energy efficient than another. Any conservatory structure can be very well insulated or poorly insulated and this will depend on the quality of the materials that are used in the construction and also the quality of the workmanship.

3 different upvc conservatories

Lean to conservatories are recognised as being one of the most simply designed conservatory structures out there and are favoured by many property owners for this reason. If they are built onto proper foundations and attached to the residence properly, they can every bit as comfortable and well insulated as an ornate structure such as a Victorian conservatory.

Are UPVC conservatories very expensive to construct?

Sun-rooms or conservatories have a name of being expensive to build, but if you compare them to a regular extension that you might build onto your home, then per square foot they can work out a lot cheaper.

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There are different types of conservatories also and different ways that you can build them in order to save money.

A bespoke conservatory where you sit down with a sun-room designer and plan out a conservatory to suit your personal needs will obviously be more expensive than a standard conservatory that comes from a manufacturer.

You can also purchase what are kits for building sun-rooms, which are delivered to your home and you assemble and complete the building yourself. As you can imagine this is a cheaper option and if you are confident at carrying out home improvement projects, perhaps this is something for you to consider.

Do I need planning permission for my conservatory?

Many conservatories do not need planning permission and it can depend on the size of the structure you are proposing to build and also its location, (whether it is to be built at the front or the rear of your home).

However rather than take a chance on building without planning permission it is always advisable to check with your local planning authority to see if they have any problem with your proposed project.

UPVC Conservatories: Frequent Questions Asked